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Professional Business Service specialises in human resources and compensation management for companies.

We take care of calculating employees' salaries, managing personal files and many other aspects of human resources and compensation management.

The service of outsourced compensation and HR management is ever more widely appreciated both by Polish companies and local subsidiaries of foreign corporations.



The payroll management services cover:

  • creation of a data base of the PRINCIPAL's employees;
  • calculation and transfer of the remunerations together with all the fringe benefits in compliance with the contractual provisions binding the PRINCIPAL, and with the work and wage internal regulations;
  • creation of a payroll for the PRINCIPAL;
  • calculation of each employee's net pay;
  • calculation of each employee's social and health insurance premiums; filling in and submitting to the ZUS the relevant monthly declarations (such as DRA, RCX, RSA, RZA, etc.) pertaining to the PRINCIPAL's employees' insurance premiums, in accordance with the regulations in force;
  • calculation and collection of the income tax advance payments, and drawing up the tax documentation for the PRINCIPAL (PIT-40);
  • preparation of the remuneration specifications and of monthly reports for the insured (RMUA), as well as the annual tax information and income statements for the PRINCIPAL (PIT-11, PIT-40);
  • drawing up PFRON declarations (for the State Fund for the Rehabilitation of the Disabled, PFRON);
  • issuing employee and family health services books;
  • keeping the social benefits documentation;
  • making bank transfers in an electronic form for PRINCIPAL's employees, for ZUS, the Revenue Office and for other institutions. The transfers shall be delivered to the PRINCIPAL in an agreed manner, together with the payroll, on the fixed day each month. If duly authorized, Professional Business Service shall be able to make remuneration transfers by itself, from the PRINCIPALS's sub-account within the timeframe to be fixed by the PRINCIPAL.

Human resources management services cover:

  • keeping the overall human resources documentation (the personal files) regarding the PRINCIPAL's employees, in accordance with the labour law in a manner as agreed with the PRINCIPAL;
  • registration of the PRINCIPAL's newly engaged employees with the National Insurance Agency, ZUS, or the registration of any changes concerning the personal data of the already working employees, as well as any other changes pertaining to the termination of work contracts (ZUS ZUA, ZIUA, ZWUA, etc.);
  • calculation of the unused days of the employees' leaves, and of other breaks in their working time, including compassionate, occasional, parental, sick and other types of leaves in accordance with the Labour Code;
  • keeping the PRINCIPAL informed of a necessity to make medical examinations and work and safety training sessions for the employees;
  • advising on the labour law issues;
  • issuing employment certificates.

Our goal is to substitute or assist a company's human resources department.

Paying salaries correctly and on time is one of the employer's basic duties. By fulfilling this duty the employer is simultaneously obliged to correctly calculate and pay taxes and social insurance contributions, prepare statistical reports for the Central Statistical Office (GUS), correctly manage personal files, issue salary declarations and prepare numerous other documents.

By completing these tasks on behalf of the Customer, our company assumes responsibility for them.

We further offer:

  • Diagnosing the weak sides of the present compensation system
  • Designing new solutions aimed at optimising corporate costs and increasing the financial motivation for employees
  • Developing Work and Compensation Rules and Regulations
  • Staff assessment - periodic reviews of the customer's employment documentation in terms of legal conformance
  • A hotline - the possibility to seek our advice in any and all staff-related issues according to the customer's needs

We also take an active part in corporate restructuring processes and acquisitions.


  • The possibility to shift priorities from operational to strategic issues
  • A reduction of expenses on purchasing and updating computer software, staff training, purchasing branch magazines and HR staff vacations
  • An increase of employees' motivation and performance
  • Implementing modern and field-tested HR and salary solutions
  • Ensuring salary discretion
  • Optimising personal and salary data security
  • Verifying and standardising staff documentation
  • Transferring responsibility for social insurance and Tax Office matters
  • A significant limitation of contention between the employer and the employee
  • A guarantee of high quality service and full compliance with the labour law and Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) regulations

The highly complicated process of managing personnel and salary issues inclines many enterpreneurs to delegate this task to a specialised external company.

Outsourcing this function of a company leads to a reduction of costs while increasing the standards for correct calculations and documentation in this area.